Love Love Love

Love Love Love


This is an awesome design. Made from a length of rich brown, leather scrap, that is cut freeform with slight varying width, which I stamped hearts and infinity spirals into (see detail 4).

The fastening is a button hole slit at one end and a hunk of a red/black stone (not sure of the geological name—see detail 3).

The decorative strand is composed of various bits and bobs. From top, a soldered, forged salvaged bit of copper wire (from my first try at soldering items!), shaped into a heart, sanded and hand painted in a lovely blue enamel, followed by a pair of salvaged black glass Mardi Gras beads, a round, brown lava rock bead, an orange glass rectangular bead (from an old broken pair of Mardi Gras beads), an African patterned wooden bead and finally finished with a blood red glass tear drop. I used 21 gauge bright copper craft wire to connect this beaded length. There are small, French blue, seed beads as accent throughout. The button fastener can be worn in the front (see detail 6 of model with fastener in front), or back (as pictured on image 1). "It’s all you need..."

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